Where to Get ASVAB Scores: A Complete Guide

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So, you’ve taken the ASVAB and now you’re eager to see your scores. Whether you’re planning to join the military or just curious about your results, knowing where to find your ASVAB scores is crucial. This guide will walk you through the various ways you can access your scores quickly and efficiently.

You might think getting your ASVAB scores is complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. From contacting your recruiter to checking online portals, there are multiple avenues to explore. Let’s jump into the most effective methods to ensure you get your hands on those important numbers.

Understanding ASVAB Scores

After taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), it’s critical to understand your scores. Knowing what they mean and how to interpret them helps you make informed decisions about your military career.

What Are ASVAB Scores Used For?

ASVAB scores determine enlistment eligibility. The military uses them to match you with suitable job roles, known as Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). Your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score, derived from ASVAB results, is especially important; it gauges your eligibility to enlist. High scores qualify you for a broader range of positions. For instance, a score of 85+ can open doors to specialized roles such as Intelligence Analyst or Cyber Operations.

Interpreting Your ASVAB Score

Your ASVAB score comprises several components. The AFQT score includes Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Mathematics Knowledge. Other composite scores focus on different skill sets, like General Science or Mechanical Comprehension. For example, a high score in Electronics Information might suggest an aptitude for technical roles. Understanding these components helps you identify strengths. If you scored low in a particular section, like Auto & Shop Information, consider pursuing supplementary education before re-taking the test. By knowing how each section impacts your overall score, you can strategically plan for desired military career paths.

Where to Get ASVAB Scores

Knowing where to get your ASVAB scores helps you plan your military career effectively. It’s essential to know various sources to access these scores.

Directly From Test Administrators

Test administrators provide ASVAB scores immediately after the test. If you took the test at a MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) or MET (Mobile Examination Test) site, officials there can provide your scores. Ensure you keep these documents safe as they are vital for your enlistment process.

Online Portals for Test Results

You can access ASVAB scores through official online portals. For instance, the Joint Services Transcript (JST) platform offers an avenue for retrieving scores. Military applicants often use this portal to track and retrieve educational records and ASVAB scores. Verify access credentials and follow the given instructions to download your scores.

From Your Recruiter or School Counselor

Recruiters and school counselors are valuable resources for obtaining ASVAB scores. If you took the ASVAB in high school, your school counselor will have access to your scores. Similarly, military recruiters can pull up your scores through the military’s database. Reach out to them and schedule a time to review your scores and discuss potential career paths based on your results.

Importance of Securely Handling Your ASVAB Scores

Handling your ASVAB scores securely is crucial for maintaining your privacy and ensuring the integrity of your career planning.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Keep your ASVAB scores safe to protect your personal information. Your ASVAB scores contain sensitive data that, if leaked, could expose your identity and military potential to unauthorized parties. Always retrieve your scores from official sources like the Joint Services Transcript (JST) or your recruiter. Avoid sharing your scores through unsecured channels or with individuals who don’t have a legitimate need to know. If you access your scores online, use secure, encrypted connections and strong passwords.

The Consequences of Score Mismanagement

Mismanaging your ASVAB scores can have significant consequences. If scores fall into the wrong hands, they might be manipulated or misused. This could negatively impact your military career, affecting job eligibility or enlistment potential. Also, unauthorized access could lead to identity theft or fraudulent activities. To prevent such scenarios, keep your score documents in a secure location, preferably in a locked file or secure cloud storage, and monitor your credit reports for any unusual activity.

Tips for Improving Your ASVAB Scores

Excelling on the ASVAB could open doors to a wider range of military career opportunities. It’s not just about cramming; a strategic approach enhances your chances. Here’s how.

Study Resources and Strategies

Access to quality study resources can significantly impact your ASVAB preparation. Practice tests, study guides, and ASVAB prep books help familiarize you with the test format and question types. Kaplan and McGraw-Hill offer reputable study materials.

Focus on your weak areas by taking diagnostic tests. Websites like ASVAB Practice Test Online provide free quizzes. If possible, join a study group or find a study buddy. Discussing challenging topics with peers can solidify your understanding.

Time management is crucial. Allocate specific times for studying different subjects. Use a timer during practice sessions to simulate test conditions.

When to Consider a Retest

You might need a retest if your initial ASVAB score doesn’t meet your desired career requirements. But remember, retesting isn’t always immediately available. Typically, you must wait at least one month before a retest. Plan accordingly, allowing ample time for additional study.

If confident yet still falling short, refine your study techniques. Reach out to educators or tutors who specialize in ASVAB prep for targeted guidance.

Persistence and strategic studying can significantly enhance your ASVAB scores, paving the way for more career opportunities in the military.


Grasping your ASVAB scores is crucial for mapping out your military career. Knowing how to obtain and protect these scores ensures your personal information and career prospects remain secure. By leveraging quality study resources and focusing on your weak areas, you can improve your scores. Persistence and strategic studying are your best allies in achieving higher ASVAB scores and revealing a wider range of specialized job opportunities within the military.


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