Where to Find ASVAB Scores for Air Force Careers

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Dreaming of joining the Air Force? Your ASVAB score is a crucial step in making that dream a reality. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test determines your eligibility and helps identify the best career paths within the military. But once you’ve taken the test, where do you find your ASVAB score?

Exploring through the various resources to locate your score can be daunting. Whether you’re a high school student, a recent graduate, or someone looking to make a career change, understanding where and how to access your ASVAB score is essential. This guide will help you find your score quickly, so you can focus on preparing for your future in the Air Force.

Understanding the ASVAB Score

What Is the ASVAB?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multifaceted test used by the military to assess a candidate’s strengths and potential for success in various military positions. It consists of multiple subtests covering areas such as arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, and mechanical comprehension. The resulting scores from these subtests form your ASVAB composite score, which is crucial for determining your eligibility for enlistment in the Air Force and other branches.

How Is the Score Used in the Air Force?

Your ASVAB score plays a pivotal role in the Air Force. The Air Force primarily uses your AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) score, derived from four ASVAB subtests: Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Mathematics Knowledge. A higher AFQT score can open doors to more career opportunities and specialized roles within the Air Force. Also, specific line scores derived from other ASVAB subtests influence qualification for various Air Force occupational specialties. For example, a high score in the Electronics subtest may qualify you for technical roles in aircraft maintenance or communications.

Accessing Your ASVAB Score

Finding your ASVAB score for the Air Force involves exploring specific steps to ensure you have the necessary credentials. Understanding where to get your score makes this process smooth and stress-free.

Official Air Force Channels

You can access your ASVAB score through several official Air Force channels. First, contact your recruiter. Recruiters have direct access to your ASVAB scores, and they can provide them quickly once your identity is verified. Ensure you know your Social Security Number and test date to expedite this process.

Second, consult the Air Force’s Education Services Office. Education services personnel can often retrieve your ASVAB scores if you took the test while enlisted or as part of an ROTC program. Access these services during regular office hours and bring any required identification for clarity.

Online Air Force Portal

You can check your ASVAB score using the Air Force Portal. The portal provides access to various personnel documents, including your ASVAB results. Log in with your Air Force Portal credentials; if you’ve misplaced them, use the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” links to reset your details.

Once logged in, navigate to the “Personnel” section and look for the ASVAB scores link. Your results cover all subtests and your composite scores, essential for understanding your eligibility for various Air Force careers. Print or save a digital copy of your scores for future reference.

Importance of ASVAB Scores for Air Force Careers

ASVAB scores play a vital role in determining your eligibility for various careers within the Air Force. These scores impact both your initial job placement and long-term career advancement opportunities.

Impact on Job Placement

Your ASVAB score crucially determines which jobs you qualify for in the Air Force. The score is divided into multiple line scores, each reflecting your proficiency in different areas:

  • General Science: Useful for technical roles like Aircraft Maintenance.
  • Arithmetic Reasoning: Vital for positions requiring quick decision-making, such as Air Traffic Control.
  • Word Knowledge: Key for administrative roles where communication skills are essential.

For example, a high score in Electronics Information can open doors to roles like Cyber Systems Operations, whereas a strong Mechanical Comprehension score might steer you towards Aviation Mechanics. Different Air Force specialties have minimum score requirements for specific line scores, aligning your abilities with job demands.

Implications for Career Advancement

ASVAB scores don’t just determine your initial job. They also influence your career progression. Higher scores can provide more opportunities for advanced training and special assignments, which are stepping stones to higher ranks:

  • Leadership Training: High scores might qualify you for programs such as Civil Air Patrol.
  • Specialized Roles: Scores in specific areas may allow for roles requiring advanced technical skills, like Cyber Warfare Operations.
  • Educational Opportunities: Strong ASVAB results can make you eligible for further education through Air Force-sponsored programs, enhancing your qualifications for promotions and advanced roles.

For instance, achieving a high score in Mathematics Knowledge could qualify you for officer training programs, setting the stage for higher leadership positions. The Air Force values adaptability and growth, so excelling in the ASVAB can significantly enhance your career trajectory.

Your ASVAB performance is more than just a test score; it’s a gateway to a spectrum of possibilities within the Air Force. Understanding how these scores shape your career can help you prepare efficiently and align your strengths with your ambitions.

Protecting and Managing Your ASVAB Records

Maintaining and securing your ASVAB scores is essential for your Air Force career. Accuracy and accessibility of these records impact future opportunities in the military.

Security Measures

Ensure the safety of your ASVAB records by using secure storage solutions. Digital copies should be stored in encrypted files, while physical copies must be kept in a secure, fireproof safe. Avoid sharing your scores through unsecured channels like email or social media to prevent unauthorized access. Always verify the identity of those requesting your ASVAB scores to protect against potential misuse.

Updating or Correcting Score Information

To update or correct your ASVAB scores, contact your local Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). Submit a formal request detailing the needed changes, supported by relevant documents. If discrepancies arise in your score report, ensure you report them promptly to avoid delays in your military career progression.


Understanding your ASVAB scores is crucial for aligning your strengths with your Air Force career ambitions. These scores not only determine your eligibility for specific roles but also influence your potential for advanced training and leadership positions. Managing and protecting your ASVAB records ensures your information remains accurate and secure, safeguarding your future opportunities. By taking the necessary steps to store your records securely and verifying any requests for your scores, you can prevent misuse and avoid delays in your military career progression.


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