Where to Check ASVAB Scores: Essential Resources and Tips

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Thinking about joining the military? Your ASVAB scores play a crucial role in determining your eligibility and job options. Knowing where to find these scores is essential for planning your career path.

Whether you’ve just taken the test or it’s been a while, accessing your ASVAB results is simpler than you might think. In this text, you’ll discover the best ways to check your scores, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the next steps in your military journey.

Understanding ASVAB Scores

Knowledge of your ASVAB scores is crucial for planning your military career. So, what do these scores mean, and how are they used?

What Is the ASVAB?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) measures your abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. The exam evaluates knowledge in various areas, including arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, and mechanical comprehension. These sections test different skills to determine eligibility for specific military jobs.

How Are the Scores Used?

Military branches use ASVAB scores to decide qualification for enlistment and assign appropriate roles. Each branch has its minimum score requirements. Higher scores increase job options, offering more specialized and desirable roles. Test scores influence career trajectory, pay, and benefits.

Where to Check ASVAB Scores

Knowing where to check your ASVAB scores is crucial for planning your military career. Here, you’ll find practical methods to access your scores.

Online Options for Service Members

You can easily check your ASVAB scores online if you’re a service member. Each military branch has its own portal where you can log in using your unique credentials.

  1. Army: Use the Army Career Tracker (ACT) to view your scores.
  2. Navy: Access BUPERS Online (BOL) to find your results.
  3. Air Force: Log in to the Air Force Portal, then navigate to the Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) section.
  4. Marine Corps: Visit Marine Online (MOL) and check the Personal Information section.

These portals keep your records updated and offer secure access to your ASVAB scores.

Checking Scores Through Educational Institutions

High schools and colleges often administer the ASVAB to students. If you took the test at an educational institution, you have several options to check your scores:

  1. School Office: Contact your school’s guidance office. They typically have a copy of the test results.
  2. Official Transcript: Request an official transcript from your school, which includes ASVAB scores.
  3. JROTC Program: If you’re in JROTC, your instructor may provide your scores.

These methods ensure you have easy access to your ASVAB scores through educational institutions.

By following these steps, you can conveniently find your ASVAB scores and plan your military career with confidence.

Using Your ASVAB Scores Effectively

ASVAB scores do more than determine eligibility for enlistment; they offer a roadmap for your military career and beyond.

Furthering Military Careers

High ASVAB scores open doors to specialized roles within the military. Whether you’re eyeing a position in cyber operations, intelligence, or aviation, these scores can qualify you for training in these areas. For example, a high score in electronics information can lead to roles in avionics repair or cryptologic networks.

Also, command officers often consider ASVAB scores for promotions and special duty assignments. High scores can set you apart from your peers for competitive roles like Navy SEALs or Air Force pararescue.

Educational and Vocational Planning

ASVAB scores also serve as valuable tools for educational and vocational planning. Specific composite scores align with civilian career fields, helping you identify strengths and interest areas. For instance, a high score in mechanical comprehension indicates an aptitude for engineering fields, while strong word knowledge and paragraph comprehension scores suggest a knack for roles in communications or education.

Many military branches offer tuition assistance based on ASVAB scores, allowing you to pursue further education while serving. Enroll in programs that complement your ASVAB strengths and boost your future civilian career prospects.

Additional Resources and Support

ASVAB scores impact your military career, and accessing the right resources ensures you stay informed and prepared. Here’s how to navigate updates and find support.

Understanding Score Changes and Updates

Your ASVAB scores might change with retakes or policy updates. Always verify scores through official channels like the Department of Defense for the most accurate information. It’s crucial to understand how changes can impact your eligibility and career options. Check regularly to stay ahead.

Online Portals

Various online platforms provide access to your ASVAB scores. The official site, ASVAB Program, lets you view, print, and interpret your results. Some military branches have their own portals for score access. Use these platforms for up-to-date and accurate score information.

Military Education Offices

Your local military education office is an excellent resource. They offer personalized guidance, helping you understand your scores and their implications. These offices provide additional support services for educational and career planning based on your ASVAB results.

Career Counselors

Career counselors provide expert advice on interpreting and utilizing ASVAB scores. They offer personalized sessions, helping align your strengths with career paths. Regular meetings with a career counselor can keep you informed about opportunities and requirements related to your ASVAB scores.

Test Prep Resources

Numerous test prep resources ensure you’re well-prepared for the ASVAB. Official guides, online courses, and practice tests help boost your scores. These resources focus on areas where you need improvement, maximizing your potential for higher scores and more career options.

Resource Description
Online Portals Access and interpret your scores online
Military Education Offices Personalized guidance and support based on scores
Career Counselors Expert advice and personalized career planning
Test Prep Resources Official guides, online courses, and practice tests

Use these resources and support systems effectively. They ensure you’re informed, prepared, and ready to leverage your ASVAB scores for a successful military career.


Knowing where to check your ASVAB scores is crucial for mapping out a successful military career. Use online portals, military education offices, and career counselors to stay informed and make the most of your scores. These resources provide valuable insights and personalized guidance to help you interpret your results and plan your career path effectively. By leveraging these tools, you’ll be well-equipped to unlock specialized roles, educational opportunities, and career advancements. Stay proactive and make informed decisions to ensure a prosperous and fulfilling military journey.


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