What Pharmacies Accept Tricare Reserve Select? Find Out!

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If you’re a member of the Tricare Reserve Select program, finding a pharmacy that accepts TRS can be a concern. Fortunately, TRS covers a wide network of pharmacies within the US.

Let’s dive into how you can easily find a pharmacy that accepts TRS for you and your family.

Understanding Tricare Reserve Select

Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) offers comprehensive health care coverage, somewhat similar to what’s available to active-duty family members.

However, TRS is specifically designed for members of the Selected Reserve military branches and the National Guard components and their families.

TRS is a premium-based plan. You pay monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs for care, but it provides a broad range of medical coverage, including prescription drugs. Granted TRS is much better than anything you will get on the civilian healthcare side.

When seeking pharmacy services under TRS, you’re part of a vast network that includes major pharmacy chains and independent drugstores nationwide. This ensures you have access to your prescriptions almost anywhere in the United States.

What Pharmacies Accept Tricare Reserve Select?

Pharmacies within this network agree to TRS’s terms, meaning they accept set prices for medications, which can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Being equipped with your TRS benefits, you can approach almost any pharmacy with confidence, asking if they participate in the TRS network. In case you prefer specific brands or stores, it’s advisable to check in advance to ensure they accept TRS. This can prevent any inconvenience when it’s time to fill or refill your prescriptions.

For convenience, TRS also accommodates mail-order pharmacy services. This allows you to receive your medications directly to your home, often with the benefit of lower co-payments for extended prescription drug supplies.

How to Find Participating Pharmacies that Accept Tricare

Finding pharmacies that accept Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) involves understanding the TRS pharmacy network. Here’s how you can locate participating pharmacies:

Visit the Tricare Pharmacy Program Website

The Tricare Pharmacy Program’s official website is your primary resource.

The service provides a pharmacy locator tool that allows you to search for participating pharmacies by zip code or location. This feature allows you to find nearby pharmacy options, making it easier to access your prescriptions.

Use the Express Scripts Website or Mobile App

Express Scripts, a key Tricare pharmacy contractor, offers an online portal and a mobile app.

If you register for Express Scripts, you gain access to tools that help locate participating retail pharmacies and manage your prescriptions via mail.

Call Express Scripts Customer Service

If you prefer speaking with a representative, Express Scripts Customer Service is available. They can assist you in finding participating pharmacies and answer any questions about your TRS pharmacy benefits.

The contact number is found on both the Tricare and Express Scripts websites.

Consult Your TRS Plan Materials

Your TRS plan materials include information about your pharmacy benefits. These materials often list participating pharmacies and provide guidance on how to use the pharmacy network effectively.

Major Pharmacy Chains That Accept Tricare Reserve Select

What are some major pharmacies that accept TRS? Here is a list;

  • CVS Pharmacy: With thousands of locations across the United States, CVS Pharmacy stands out as a key player in the healthcare sector, offering prescription services to TRS members.
  • Walgreens: Another giant in the pharmacy industry, Walgreens provides a wide network of stores, making it a convenient option for those with TRS coverage.
  • Rite Aid: As one of the largest drugstore chains, Rite Aid serves a significant number of TRS members with its extensive presence in various states.
  • Walmart Pharmacy: Known for its affordability and accessibility, Walmart Pharmacy is an excellent option for TRS beneficiaries looking for budget-friendly prescription solutions.
  • Kroger Pharmacy: Part of one of the largest grocery chains, Kroger Pharmacy offers the dual convenience of grocery and prescription services under one roof for TRS members.
  • Albertsons Pharmacy: With numerous locations, Albertsons Pharmacy is recognized for its quality service and support to the TRS community.
  • Publix Pharmacy: Esteemed for its customer service, Publix Pharmacy provides a welcoming environment for TRS customers seeking prescription care.

Independent and Local Pharmacies

Independent pharmacies also can offer Tricare Reserve Select to military service members.

These pharmacies often offer a more personalized service experience, compared to larger drugstore chains. This makes them a favorable choice for individuals seeking closer attention to their specific health and prescription needs.

What are the advantages to using an independent pharmacy?

  1. Personalized Care: Independent pharmacies, known for their customer-centric approach, often provide personalized counseling and medication management services. Espicially if you and your family have complex prescription regimens.
  2. Community Support: Supporting local pharmacies also contributes to the local economy, ensuring that your healthcare dollars are invested in your community.
  3. Access to Hard-to-Find Medications: Sometimes, independent pharmacies may have quicker access to or the ability to order specific medications that are not readily available at larger chains that we mentioned above.
  4. Flexibility: Owners often go above and beyond to meet patient needs. I’ve heard of owners delivering medicines to those who cannot visit the pharmacy.

Checking with independent and local pharmacies can be a surprisingly good way to fulfill your prescription needs under the Tricare Reserve Select program.

It’s important to contact these pharmacies directly to verify TRS coverage, as participation may vary greatly from one establishment to another. Tools such as the Tricare Pharmacy Program locator can help you located these independent pharmacies.

Mail Order Pharmacy Services

The Mail Order Pharmacy Services under the Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) program is another option.

This service is not only convenient but can also be a cost-effective way for managing your prescriptions. The TRS program partners with Express Scripts.

With mail order services, you receive medications directly to your doorstep, eliminating the need to drive anywhere and pick-up medications. This is especially beneficial if you live in a remote area or have a family member that isn’t as mobile.

Here are key points to accessing your TRS benefits through mail order pharmacy services:

  • Registration and Setup: Firstly, you’ll need to create an account with Express Scripts, the designated provider for TRS mail order pharmacy services. We recommend registering online.
  • Prescription Transfers: If you currently have current prescriptions at a pharmacy, you can transfer them to the TRS mail order service. Express Scripts offers support to handle this process on your behalf, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Prescription Refills: Refilling prescriptions is straightforward and can be done online or through the Express Scripts mobile app. You have control over managing refills and can set up automatic renewals for convenience.
  • Cost Savings: Utilizing mail order services can actually result in significant cost savings over time. TRS beneficiaries often pay lower co-pays for using mail order compared to retail pharmacies, particularly for medications taken regularly.
  • Customer Support: Express Scripts provides robust customer support for TRS members. Assistance is available for prescription orders, insurance queries, and any service-related issues.

Choosing mail order pharmacy services as part of your Tricare Reserve Select benefits offers convenience, savings, and support, all contributing to a smoother healthcare management experience. Always ensure your prescriptions are up-to-date and consult with Express Scripts for any specific needs or questions regarding your medications.

Tips for Using Tricare Reserve Select at Pharmacies

Navigating pharmacy benefits with Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) isn’t just about finding a participating pharmacy; it’s about maximizing convenience, savings, and health outcomes. We recommend;

  1. Verify Pharmacy Participation: Before heading to a pharmacy, check if they accept TRS. You can find this information on the Tricare website or by calling the pharmacy directly. This will prevent any surprises or delays when filling prescriptions.
  2. Understand Your Prescription Coverage: Familiarize yourself with what medications are covered under TRS and any co-payments or deductibles that apply. This knowledge helps you budget for health expenses without any surprises.
  3. Take Advantage of Preventive Care Benefits: TRS covers certain preventive medications at no cost to you. This includes basic over-the-counter drugs such as acetaminophen. Ask your pharmacist about guidelines and your TRS primary care physician to write scripts for these. You can save a lot of money.

Tricare Reserve Select

Navigating your Tricare Reserve Select pharmacy benefits is a great healthcare insurance option offered to you and your family. With the right strategies, you can make the most out of your Tricare insurance plan for pharmacy and medication needs. Embrace the convenience and savings that come with TRS.



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