What ASVAB Score Do You Need for the Space Force?

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So, you’re dreaming of joining the Space Force, the newest branch of the U.S. military, and you’re wondering what ASVAB score you need to get there. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is more than just a test; it’s your gateway to a career among the stars. Understanding the score requirements can make the difference between reaching your goal and falling short.

Exploring the specifics of ASVAB scores for the Space Force can be tricky, but knowing what to aim for gives you a clear target. Whether you’re eyeing a technical role or a position that requires strategic thinking, your ASVAB results will play a crucial role in determining your eligibility. Let’s jump into what scores you need to make your Space Force dreams a reality.

Understanding ASVAB Scores for Space Force Eligibility

To join the Space Force, understanding ASVAB scores is vital. ASVAB results determine eligibility for specific roles, guiding your path toward a career in space.

What Is the ASVAB?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests your skills and knowledge across various areas. It’s essential for anyone looking to join the U.S. military. The ASVAB covers topics like arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and mechanical comprehension.

The AFQT score, derived from sections of the ASVAB, influences initial eligibility for military service. Individual composite scores help identify suitable roles. Higher scores often open doors to more advanced positions.

Minimum Score Requirements for Space Force

To qualify for the Space Force, specific ASVAB scores are necessary. While the minimum AFQT score generally falls between 31-36, each role has different composite score requirements. Technical positions, like Cyber Operations or Intelligence, require higher scores in areas like General Science, Electronics Information, and Mathematics Knowledge.

For instance, roles such as Space Systems Operations might demand high scores in Mathematics Knowledge and General Science. Meeting or exceeding these requirements boosts your chances of securing a desired role within the Space Force.

Exploring Space Force Career Opportunities

Exploring Space Force career paths? Scoring well on the ASVAB unlocks those doors. Let’s jump into what it takes to qualify for different roles.

Technical Roles and Required Scores

Technical positions within the Space Force demand proficiency in specialized areas. For example, Cyber Operations requires high scores in General Science, Mathematics Knowledge, and Electronics Information. To be competitive, aim for composite scores that meet or exceed the following:

  • Cyber Operations Specialist: High marks in General Science, Mathematics Knowledge
  • Space Systems Operations: Strong scores in Arithmetic Reasoning, Mechanical Comprehension
  • Intelligence Specialist: Excellent scores in Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension

These roles hinge on your ability to demonstrate skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical knowledge.

Non-Technical Roles and Score Criteria

Not all roles require technical expertise. Non-technical positions still rely on ASVAB scores but in different areas. Think of these positions as the backbone of operations, requiring less technical prowess but strong fundamental skills.

  • Logistics Specialist: Solid Arithmetic Reasoning, excellent General Science
  • Administrative Support: Strong scores in Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension
  • Public Affairs: High Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Verbal Expression

Each role stands on its specific ASVAB requirements, emphasizing different skill sets. Whether aiming for a technical or non-technical career within the Space Force, your ASVAB scores pinpoint your pathway to success.

Preparing for the ASVAB

To succeed in the ASVAB and secure your desired role in the Space Force, preparation is key. Understanding the structure and content of the ASVAB ensures you focus your efforts efficiently.

Study Tips and Resources

Effective study strategies and the right resources make all the difference when preparing for the ASVAB. Here are some expert recommendations:

  1. Set a Study Schedule: Consistency is crucial. Dedicate specific times each day to study different ASVAB sections, ensuring balanced preparation.
  2. Use Official Guides: Use resources like the “ASVAB For Dummies” book or the official ASVAB study guide. These materials provide comprehensive overviews and practice questions.
  3. Review High School Textbooks: Go over high school textbooks on Math and Science to reinforce fundamental concepts.
  4. Online Tutorials: Access online courses on platforms like Khan Academy to get free tutorials on complex topics.

Practice Tests and Their Importance

Practice tests are essential tools in ASVAB preparation. They provide several advantages:

  1. Familiarization with Test Format: Taking practice tests helps you get accustomed to the format and timing of the ASVAB.
  2. Identify Weak Areas: These tests help pinpoint where you need improvement. By focusing on your weak areas, you can improve your overall score.
  3. Build Confidence: Regular practice boosts your confidence and reduces test anxiety. Knowing what to expect helps you stay calm during the actual test.

Use reputable websites offering free ASVAB practice tests, such as ASVAB Practice Test Online or Military.com, to enhance your preparation.

By incorporating these strategies, you can improve your ASVAB performance and move closer to securing your desired role in the Space Force.


Your ASVAB score plays a pivotal role in determining your eligibility for various positions within the Space Force. Whether you’re eyeing a technical role in Cyber Operations or a non-technical position like Logistics Specialist, understanding the required scores and preparing effectively is crucial. By setting a structured study schedule, utilizing official guides, and taking practice tests, you can significantly improve your performance. Remember, thorough preparation not only boosts your confidence but also enhances your chances of securing your desired role. Aim high and take advantage of all available resources to achieve your Space Force career goals.


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