USERRA Contact Number: Essential Resource for Employment Reinstatement & Rights Protection

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Navigating your rights under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) can be challenging. Whether you’re a service member seeking reemployment or an employer ensuring compliance, having the right support is crucial. That’s where the USERRA contact number comes in handy.

By reaching out to the USERRA helpline, you get direct access to experts who can provide guidance on your specific situation. This resource ensures you understand your rights and responsibilities, making the process smoother and less stressful. Don’t let confusion stand in your way—use the USERRA contact number to get the help you need.

Understanding USERRA


USERRA stands for the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. Congress enacted it in 1994 to protect the job rights of individuals serving in the armed forces. USERRA ensures that service members can return to their civilian employment without any disadvantages due to their military obligations. Employers must adhere to these protections to maintain compliance.

  1. Reemployment Rights: Service members have the right to be reemployed in their civilian job if they leave to perform service in the uniformed services. These rights apply if you meet certain criteria, including providing advance notice to your employer and having a cumulative service period of less than five years.
  2. Health Insurance Protection: If you leave your job to perform military service, you can continue your existing employer-based health plan for up to 24 months. Alternatively, you can opt for reinstatement to your employer’s health plan when you return.
  3. Anti-Discrimination: USERRA prohibits employment discrimination based on past, present, or future military service. Employers cannot deny initial employment, reemployment, retention in employment, promotion, or any benefit of employment on the basis of your service.
  4. Escalator Principle: On returning to civilian employment, you should be reinstated to the position you would have attained had you not been absent for military service. This includes any promotions or pay raises you would have reasonably earned during your absence.

Importance of Contact Information

Accessing Support

The USERRA contact number is vital for accessing support. It offers direct access to experts who provide guidance on reemployment rights for service members. By using this number, you can gain assistance on topics like health insurance coverage during military service, anti-discrimination measures, and the Escalator Principle, which ensures a position’s rightful status upon return to civilian employment.

Reporting Violations

Effective reporting of USERRA violations depends on accurate contact information. If you encounter issues like denial of reemployment, wrongful termination, or discrimination, the USERRA contact number lets you report these violations efficiently. Prompt reporting helps enforce your rights and ensures employers adhere to legal requirements, safeguarding your employment while you serve.

How to Find the USERRA Contact Number

Official Government Resources

Start with the official resources for accurate and reliable contact information. The primary source is the U.S. Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS). VETS manages USERRA and provides necessary guidance. Access their contact number on the official VETS website under the section dedicated to USERRA. Additionally, visit the National Archives for detailed documentation on USERRA regulations.

Alternative Contact Avenues

If official resources are not accessible, consider alternative options. Contact local government offices or veteran support organizations like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). They often provide support and can direct you to the correct USERRA contact number. Another avenue is to use online platforms like which offers resources and support for service members, including contact numbers. Contacting these organizations directly can expedite your search for the official USERRA support line.

Common Issues Addressed Through USERRA Contacts

Employment Reinstatement

Employment reinstatement issues often arise when service members return from duty and need to reclaim their civilian jobs. Employers must reemploy you in a position you would have attained if your employment had been uninterrupted. The USERRA contact number helps address cases where employers fail to reinstate properly or provide appropriate positions. For example, if you’re reinstated to a lower-paying job than expected, contacting USERRA can initiate corrective measures.

Benefits and Compensation Disputes

Benefits and compensation disputes frequently occur when service members resume civilian employment. You might face issues like delayed salary adjustments or lack of accrued benefits. USERRA contacts offer guidance on ensuring that returned service members receive due compensation, including back pay and promotions. For instance, if an employer neglects to restore your health insurance coverage, USERRA can help resolve the matter efficiently.


Taking full advantage of the USERRA contact number empowers you to safeguard your employment rights and navigate the complexities of reemployment after military service. By reaching out to the experts, you can ensure your employer complies with USERRA provisions and address any issues related to job reinstatement, health insurance, and anti-discrimination measures. Don’t hesitate to use this valuable resource to report violations and secure the support you deserve as a service member.


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