U-Haul Military Discount – Save on Rentals and Storage

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Moving can be stressful, especially for military families that PCS (Permanent Change of Station) every few years.

That’s where U-Haul steps in with its UHaul military discount, making relocations a bit easier and more affordable for military service members. Whether you’re transitioning to a new base or getting out and moving back home, U-Haul recognizes the military service you’ve made.

You might wonder how to access these discounts and what exactly they cover.

This article will guide you through the process, ensuring you maximize your savings while enjoying a smooth moving experience.

Understanding U-Haul Military Discounts

What Is the U-Haul Military Discount?

The U-Haul military discount offers active-duty military members, veterans, and DoD civilians a percentage off rental services.

This discount applies to truck rentals, trailer rentals, self-storage units and even international moving for those going overseas. The discount varies for type of service and where you are moving.

How to Verify Military Service

You need to verify your military status to access U-Haul’s military discount.

This process includes showing a valid military ID or using online verification platforms like ID.me. Once verified, you’ll receive the discount when booking through U-Haul’s website.

Benefits of U-Haul Military Discounts

Savings on Truck Rentals

U-Haul’s military discount provides substantial savings on truck rentals. Active-duty military members, veterans, and their families can receive a percentage off the total rental cost.

By reducing moving expenses, U-Haul helps make relocation more affordable. For example, a military family renting a 15-foot truck for an interstate move can save a significant amount off their final bill. This discount covers various truck sizes, ensuring flexibility for different moving needs.

Discounts on Storage Services

U-Haul extends its military discount to storage services, offering savings on self-storage units. This benefit assists military families during deployments or relocations by reducing storage costs.

For instance, an active-duty member storing household items in a 10×10 storage unit could save a notable percentage off the monthly rate. The discount applies to both short-term and long-term storage options, providing a versatile solution for different storage needs.

How to Maximize U-Haul Military Discounts

Best Practices for Booking

Plan your move well in advance to maximize your U-Haul military discount. Booking early ensures you get the vehicle or storage unit you need during peak seasons. Utilize U-Haul’s online booking system for convenience and access to exclusive web discounts.

Always input your military status when prompted to ensure you receive the discount at checkout. Selecting off-peak times for picking up and returning the vehicle can also reduce costs, helping stretch your budget further.

Combining Discounts with Other Promotions

Stack different promotions by combining U-Haul’s military discount with other available offers. Look out for seasonal promotions on U-Haul’s website, especially during holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, as they often feature additional savings for military personnel.

Apply your military discount code at checkout and then add any applicable promotional codes or coupons. Verify all discounts are applied correctly to your reservation summary before confirming the booking. This strategy guarantees you get the best possible rate for your move.

Customer Experiences With U-Haul Military Discounts

Positive Feedback

Many customers appreciate U-Haul’s dedication to supporting the military community. Active-duty service members, veterans, and their families often note significant savings on moving expenses. This benefit alleviates some financial pressure, especially during relocations and deployments.

For example, users frequently mention the simplicity of the discount verification process. Service members can easily verify online or in-store, leading to a seamless rental experience. Customers also praise U-Haul’s customer service for being knowledgeable and helpful, addressing concerns swiftly.

Challenges Faced

Despite the positive feedback, some customers report challenges in accessing U-Haul’s military discount. Common issues include difficulty verifying military status online, often requiring additional steps or documentation. This creates delays, especially for those with tight schedules.

Another reported issue involves limitations on available truck sizes and dates during peak moving seasons. If you’re planning a move during busy times, you might find fewer options, leading to potential scheduling conflicts. Some users have also noted that combining the military discount with other promotions can be confusing, sometimes requiring manual intervention by customer support.

UHaul Military Discount

U-Haul’s military discount program offers valuable savings for military members and their families, making moving and storage more affordable. By understanding the verification process and following the tips provided, you can maximize these benefits. While most customers have positive experiences, it’s crucial to be aware of potential challenges like online verification issues and limited truck availability. With some preparation and knowledge, you can navigate these hurdles and take full advantage of U-Haul’s offerings.



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