Top Military Vacation Deals: Discounts on Hotels, Resorts, Cruises, and Adventure Packages

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Planning a getaway can be a challenge, especially when you’re balancing the demands of military life. Fortunately, there are plenty of vacation deals designed specifically for military personnel and their families. These offers not only make travel more affordable but also provide a much-needed break from the rigors of service.

Imagine exploring new destinations, relaxing on pristine beaches, or enjoying family-friendly resorts without breaking the bank. Military vacation deals can make these dreams a reality, offering discounts on flights, accommodations, and even theme park tickets. Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend escape or a longer adventure, you’ll find options that cater to your unique needs and budget.

Understanding Military Vacation Deals

What Are Military Vacation Deals?

Military vacation deals are specific travel discounts and packages offered to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. These deals often include reduced rates on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and attraction tickets. They aim to make travel more affordable for those who serve or have served, recognizing their sacrifices and contributions.

Who Qualifies for These Deals?

Several groups qualify for military vacation deals:

  • Active-Duty Members: Includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel currently serving.
  • Veterans: Individuals who have retired or were honorably discharged from any branch of the military.
  • Reservists and National Guard Members: Those serving part-time in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard Reserves, and Army or Air National Guard.
  • Family Members: Spouses and dependents of active-duty members, veterans, reservists, and National Guard members.

Eligibility requirements might differ depending on the provider, so it’s essential to check specific qualifications with each travel company or organization offering the deals.

Top Military Vacation Deals Overview

Military Discounts on Hotels and Resorts

Numerous hotels and resorts offer significant discounts to military personnel and their families. Major chains such as Hilton, Marriott, and IHG provide reduced rates. For example, Hilton’s Military Family Rate offers up to 10% off the best available rate. Marriott extends a similar discount, with specific deals varying by location. Additionally, IHG’s Military Appreciation Rate grants special pricing. Always check direct websites for up-to-date promotions and identification requirements before booking.

Cruises with Military Discounts

Cruise lines also offer military discounts, making seafaring getaways more accessible. Companies like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and MSC provide exclusive rates. Carnival’s Military Cruise Deals can save between 5%-20% depending on the cruise. Royal Caribbean offers eligible members up to $50 onboard credit per stateroom. MSC Cruises extends year-round discounts on select cruises. Always verify the latest offers and required documentation through the cruise line’s official site.

Discounted Adventure Packages

Adventure packages featuring military discounts offer thrilling experiences at lower costs. Providers like G Adventures and Intrepid Travel include special rates for military families. G Adventures reduces tour prices by 5% for eligible military personnel. Similarly, Intrepid Travel offers a 10% discount on select trips. Adventure package deals might encompass hiking, kayaking, or guided tours. Review package details and eligibility criteria on the provider’s site for the best deals.

How to Access Military Vacation Deals

Verifying Military Status

Access military vacation deals by verifying your military status. Various organizations offer this service, ensuring only eligible personnel benefit. Most travel providers, like hotels and airlines, accept verification through platforms like and SheerID. Register on these platforms and upload your military ID or other proof of service. Once verified, you gain access to exclusive discounts, some of which are not available to the general public.

Best Times to Book for Maximum Savings

Book during specific periods to maximize savings on military vacation deals. Early planning offers the best rates and availability. For example, airlines and hotels often release the lowest fares and rates up to a year in advance. Leverage off-season travel times to benefit from further discounts. Off-peak seasons, such as late winter and early fall, generally offer lower prices compared to peak travel times like summer and the winter holidays. Planning your vacation during these periods can significantly stretch your budget.

Tips for Maximizing Military Travel Benefits

Planning and Booking Tips

Early booking can yield significant savings. Plan your vacations well in advance to access the best deals. Off-peak seasons offer more affordable rates. Traveling during less busy times means lower prices and fewer crowds.

Leverage military-specific travel agencies. Agencies like Military Travel Exchange specialize in finding exclusive deals for military personnel. They often have insider information on the best discounts and offers.

Compare different travel deal platforms. Websites like GovX,, and Armed Forces Vacation Club provide various deals. Comparing these can help you find the most cost-effective options. For example, if GovX offers a lower rate for a specific cruise than, you can secure the best possible price by exploring both.

Additional Resources for Military Families and SheerID facilitate military status verification. These platforms ensure you can access exclusive military deals without hassle.

Explore your base’s ITT (Information, Tickets & Travel) Office. Many bases provide discounted tickets to various attractions and events. This resource helps military families save on local and national attractions.

Utilize loyalty programs. Some airlines and hotel chains offer additional benefits to military members. Enroll in loyalty programs that honor military service for added perks like priority boarding and room upgrades.

Use travel credit cards. Many credit cards provide travel rewards and benefits specifically for military members. Research which cards offer the best points per dollar and have no annual fees for military personnel, maximizing your travel benefits and rewards.


Taking advantage of military vacation deals can significantly ease the financial burden of planning a getaway. By verifying your military status through trusted platforms and exploring various discounts on hotels, resorts, and cruises, you can unlock substantial savings. Don’t forget to utilize military-specific travel agencies and loyalty programs to maximize your benefits. Early booking and comparing deals on dedicated platforms can further enhance your travel experience. With a bit of planning and the right resources, you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation without breaking the bank.


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