Unlock Savings: Mattress Firm Military Discount & Comparisons with Competing Stores

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Looking for a way to catch some quality Z’s without breaking the bank? If you’re a member of the military, Mattress Firm has got your back. Recognizing the hard work and sacrifices made by service members, Mattress Firm offers a special military discount to ensure you get the rest you deserve.

Whether you’re on active duty, a veteran, or a military family member, this discount is designed to make top-quality mattresses more affordable. Dive into the details of how you can take advantage of this generous offer and wake up refreshed and ready for your next mission.

Overview of Mattress Firm Military Discount

Eligibility Criteria

The Mattress Firm military discount is available to various groups associated with the military. Active-duty service members, veterans, retirees, and their immediate family members qualify. Ensure you have a valid form of military identification or proof of service, like a military ID card or DD Form 214, to confirm your eligibility.

Steps to Avail the Discount

To access the military discount at Mattress Firm, follow these steps:

  1. Verify Eligibility: Present your military identification or proof of service at the store. Online, use a reputable military verification service.
  2. Select Your Mattress: Choose your desired mattress from the range offered by Mattress Firm.
  3. Apply the Discount: At checkout, show your identification in-store or enter any provided discount code online.
  4. Complete Purchase: Finalize your transaction, ensuring the discount has been applied to your total.

These steps ensure you receive the military discount efficiently, helping you save while securing a quality mattress.

Benefits of the Military Discount

Cost Savings

The military discount can significantly reduce the price of your mattress. Eligible service members and their families enjoy an exclusive percentage off on both regular and sale prices. This translates to considerable savings on premium brands and mattresses that otherwise may be more costly. For example, a mattress listed at $1,000 with a 20% discount would save you $200, providing more budget flexibility for other essentials.

Additional Perks

Apart from the main cost savings, there are additional perks tied to the military discount. These may include free delivery, extended warranties, or complementary accessories like pillows and mattress protectors. By combining these perks, your overall value increases, enhancing your shopping experience. Some locations even offer special financing options, making it more manageable to pay for your new mattress over time.

Comparison With Other Military Discounts

Other Furniture Stores

Many furniture stores offer military discounts, enhancing the accessibility of high-quality home furnishings. For example, Ashley Furniture grants a 10% discount to active-duty, retired, and veteran military personnel upon showing valid ID. This discount applies to a broad range of items, including bedroom sets, sofas, and dining room furniture.

In addition, Pottery Barn provides military service members a 15% discount on full-priced items at both in-store and online purchases. This offer extends to Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen stores as well.

Online Mattress Retailers

Online mattress retailers also support the military community with notable discounts. For instance, Purple offers a 10% discount to military members, including active-duty, veterans, and retirees. To avail of this discount, individuals must verify their military status using ID.me during the checkout process.

Similarly, Leesa provides a 15% military discount exclusively for active-duty service members, veterans, retirees, and their families. By confirming eligibility through a verification process, military customers can benefit from reduced prices on Leesa’s range of foam and hybrid mattresses, making premium sleep solutions more affordable.

Comparing Mattress Firm’s military discount with that of other furniture stores and online mattress retailers reveals a variety of savings opportunities for military families on everything from furniture to mattresses.

Customer Reviews

Positive Feedback

Many customers appreciate Mattress Firm’s military discount. Service members often commend the savings on premium mattresses like the Tempur-Pedic and Serta models. Customers also value the ease of the verification process. The added perks of free delivery and extended warranties receive frequent praise. Numerous reviews highlight excellent customer service during purchase and delivery. Clients often mention the seamless experience from order placement to mattress setup.

Room for Improvement

While the discount and perks are popular, some areas of improvement exist. Customers occasionally report issues with delivery times. Delays in receiving mattresses can be frustrating. Some reviews suggest enhancing the online verification process to make it quicker. Addressing these concerns could significantly improve the overall customer experience.


Mattress Firm’s military discount stands out as a valuable offer for service members and their families. With significant savings on high-quality mattresses, free delivery, and extended warranties, it’s a compelling choice. While other retailers also provide attractive discounts, Mattress Firm’s ease of verification and positive customer feedback make it a strong contender.

If you’re a military member looking to invest in a new mattress, Mattress Firm’s military discount could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy premium comfort at a reduced price. Keep in mind the potential areas for improvement, and you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision.


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