Enterprise Military Discount: Comprehensive Guide, Benefits, and Customer Reviews

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If you’re serving or have served in the military, you know the value of a good deal. Enterprise Rent-A-Car recognizes your dedication and offers a military discount as a token of appreciation. This special offer helps make your travel more affordable, whether you’re on leave, relocating, or planning a family vacation.

Navigating the world of discounts can be tricky, but understanding how Enterprise’s military discount works can save you time and money. In this article, we’ll break down the essentials so you can easily take advantage of this generous offer. Get ready to hit the road with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best value for your service.

Overview of Enterprise Military Discount

Who Is Eligible?

Active duty military members, veterans, and National Guard personnel qualify for the Enterprise military discount. Dependents, such as spouses and children, are also eligible. Family members of the deceased should check for specific eligibility details as they may vary. Enterprise seeks to recognize and support those who serve or have served our country.

How to Verify Military Status

You must verify military status to access the discount. Enterprise partners with third-party services like ID.me to streamline verification. During the rental booking process, select the military discount option, then you’ll be prompted to complete the verification. Ensure you have necessary documents like a military ID or veteran identification, as this will expedite the process.

For those using the discount at a physical location, present your military ID at the time of rental. The discount is typically applied immediately after verification, making the procedure straightforward and efficient. Verification ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of this exclusive offer tailored for military personnel and their families.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Military Discount

Discounts on Vehicle Rentals

Using the Enterprise military discount provides significant savings on vehicle rentals. Eligible customers, like active duty members and veterans, receive a substantial percentage off the standard rental rate. This discount applies to a variety of vehicle classes, including sedans, SUVs, and trucks. resulting in greater affordability. For example, if the standard rate for an SUV rental is $50 per day, the military discount might reduce it to $40 per day, providing noticeable savings.

Additional Perks and Benefits

Alongside discounted rental rates, additional perks and benefits enhance the value of the Enterprise military discount. Supplemental insurance options come at reduced rates, ensuring cost-effective coverage for damage or theft. Free additional driver inclusions make it convenient for family or friends to share driving responsibilities without extra charges. Moreover, extended rental periods at discounted rates can accommodate long-term travel needs efficiently. For instance, renting a vehicle for a month could include a lower daily rate compared to shorter terms.

Comparing Enterprise’s Discount to Other Car Rental Services

Discounts Competitiveness

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers noteworthy savings for military members. However, comparing this discount to those from Hertz or Avis reveals competitive differences. Hertz provides a 10% military discount via their Hertz Veterans Advantage program. Avis, on the other hand, offers up to 25% off for active duty military personnel through their Veterans Advantage Program.

Enterprise’s discount rates vary based on vehicle type and rental duration, increasing potential savings for longer-term rentals. This stands out when contrasted with the flat percentages seen at competitors.

Additional Services Comparison

Additional services often differentiate rental companies. Enterprise includes perks like free additional drivers, reduced insurance costs, and extended rental periods in its military discount, catering efficiently to long-term travel needs.

Hertz offers a similar additional driver option but doesn’t consistently waive insurance fees. Avis provides extended rental periods but has limited offers for additional drivers. Each company caters differently, with specific offerings aligned to varied customer needs.

Service Enterprise Hertz Avis
Discount Percentage Varies based on vehicle & duration 10% Up to 25%
Free Additional Drivers Yes Yes (conditions apply) Limited offers
Reduced Insurance Costs Yes No No
Extended Rental Periods Yes No Yes (conditions apply)

Comparing these aspects provides a clearer picture of which car rental service best suits specific military needs.

How to Maximize Savings with Enterprise Military Discount

Best Practices for Booking

To maximize your savings with the Enterprise military discount, book your rental as early as possible. Early bookings often provide the widest selection of vehicles at the best rates. Always check both the Enterprise official website and the app, as sometimes exclusive online promotions are available. Use the “flexible dates” option if your travel schedule allows for it, since shifting your booking by a day or two can lead to better deals.

Choose pick-up and drop-off locations carefully. Airport locations often have higher fees than off-airport sites. Opt for non-airport locations if possible. Also, consider the duration of your rental. Weekly rates are often more economical than daily rates, so evaluate if extending your rental to a weekly rate brings additional savings.

Combining Discounts and Offers

Combining the military discount with other available promotions can further enhance your savings. Often, Enterprise offers promotional codes and seasonal discounts. Ensure that you check for these codes before making a reservation. Some promotions may stack with the military discount, providing even greater savings.

Membership in travel organizations like AAA or frequent flyer programs can sometimes offer additional discounts on rentals. Verify if any loyalty programs you’re part of can be applied alongside the military discount. Remember to use your credit card rewards or points programs to potentially reduce the overall cost of your rental.

Customer Experiences with Enterprise Military Discount

Positive Feedback and Stories

Many military personnel, veterans, and their families express high satisfaction with Enterprise’s military discount. Users frequently mention appreciating the streamlined verification through ID.me, which simplifies accessing the discount. Customers also highlight the significant savings on various vehicle classes, making their travels more affordable. For instance, a veteran shared that using the discount for a family vacation saved them substantial money, allowing for a more enjoyable trip.

Others appreciate the reduced insurance costs and the benefit of free additional drivers, which adds convenience and flexibility to their rental experience. Numerous reviews reveal that frequent renters often receive exceptional customer service from Enterprise staff, further enhancing their experience. One National Guard member praised the company’s responsiveness during a sudden deployment, stating that the supportive service added peace of mind during a hectic time.

Areas for Improvement

While many customers praise the Enterprise military discount, some note areas where the service could improve. A few users report inconsistent application of the discount at various locations, suggesting a need for better staff training and awareness. Some also mention that the discount isn’t always available for one-way rentals, limiting flexibility for long-distance travels.

Additionally, a small number of customers feel that promotional codes and other offers sometimes complicate combining discounts, leading to missed opportunities for savings. They suggest clearer communication and streamlined processes for applying multiple discounts. Addressing these areas could enhance overall satisfaction and ensure more consistent benefits for all military customers.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s military discount program offers substantial benefits for military personnel and their families. The streamlined verification process through ID.me ensures quick access to savings on various vehicle classes, reduced insurance costs, and free additional drivers. While there are some areas for improvement like inconsistent discount application and limitations on one-way rentals, the overall feedback is positive. By addressing these concerns, Enterprise can enhance satisfaction and provide more consistent benefits. If you’re in the military or a veteran, this discount program is worth considering for your car rental needs.


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