Save Big with DreamCloud Military Discount: Up to 20% Off for Service Members

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Looking for a way to improve your sleep without breaking the bank? If you’re a member of the military or a veteran, DreamCloud’s military discount might be just what you need. This exclusive offer allows you to enjoy premium mattresses at a fraction of the cost, ensuring you get the rest you deserve.

DreamCloud is renowned for its luxurious, supportive mattresses that combine the best of memory foam and innerspring technology. By taking advantage of their military discount, you can experience top-tier comfort and support without stretching your budget. Ready to learn more about how you can save on your next DreamCloud mattress? Keep reading to discover all the details.

Overview of DreamCloud Military Discount

The DreamCloud military discount offers military members and veterans premium mattresses at a reduced price. DreamCloud is renowned for high-quality mattresses that combine memory foam and innerspring technology for luxurious comfort and support. Using this discount, you can acquire top-tier sleep products without overspending.

Benefits and Discounts Offered

You gain access to exclusive pricing on DreamCloud mattresses with the military discount. The discount often ranges between 15% and 20% off the regular price, saving you a significant amount on premium sleep solutions. Additional promotions and seasonal sales sometimes compound these savings, providing even greater value.

Eligibility Criteria

Active duty military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families qualify for the DreamCloud military discount. Required documentation usually includes a valid military ID or other proof of service. Once verified, you can apply the discount during the checkout process to enjoy the reduced pricing on DreamCloud mattresses.

How to Apply for DreamCloud Military Discount

Required Documentation

To qualify for DreamCloud’s military discount, certain documents are necessary. Prepare these documents:

  • Military ID: Your active duty, reserve, or retired ID card.
  • Veterans ID: Your Veteran Identification Card (VIC) issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Proof of Service: Your DD214 form, which shows your service history and discharge status.
  • Family Proof: For immediate family members, a dependent ID card or other relevant documentation is needed.

Having these documents ensures a smooth application process.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for DreamCloud’s military discount:

  1. Visit Website: Go to the official DreamCloud website.
  2. Select Products: Choose the mattress and any other products you want to purchase.
  3. Verify Eligibility: Click on the military discount verification link, usually found during the checkout process.
  4. Upload Documents: Submit the required documentation for verification. This includes any valid military ID or proof of service.
  5. Receive Discount Code: Once validated, you’ll receive a unique discount code.
  6. Apply Discount: Enter the discount code at checkout to see the reduced price.
  7. Complete Purchase: Finalize your purchase with the discounted rate applied.

By following these steps and providing accurate documentation, you ensure eligibility for DreamCloud’s military discount, enabling you to enjoy premium sleep solutions at a reduced cost.

Comparing DreamCloud Military Discount With Other Brands

Similarities and Differences

When comparing DreamCloud’s military discount with other brands, consider key elements like discount rates, eligibility criteria, and application processes. DreamCloud offers a 15% to 20% discount, similar to Purple and Nectar, which also provide military discounts around the same range. However, some brands, including Leesa, may offer a flat $100 off rather than a percentage-based discount. In terms of eligibility, DreamCloud, Purple, and Nectar include active duty personnel, veterans, and families, while some brands restrict discounts to active duty members only. The application process generally requires proof of military service, but DreamCloud’s documentation includes Military ID, Veterans ID, and proof of service, ensuring a thorough yet straightforward verification.

Additional Perks for Military Personnel

DreamCloud extends additional perks to military personnel beyond the discount. You get free shipping and a 365-night trial period, offering peace of mind and ample time to decide on the mattress. Comparable brands like Purple and Nectar provide a similar trial period, but Leesa’s trial period extends only up to 100 nights. DreamCloud also offers a lifetime warranty on its mattresses, providing long-term confidence. The combination of these perks makes DreamCloud’s military discount particularly attractive compared to other brands.

Customer Experiences With DreamCloud Military Discount

Positive Feedback

Many customers appreciate the significant savings from DreamCloud’s military discount. Service members note the ease of the verification process and value the 15% to 20% savings. They report a high level of satisfaction with the mattress quality and the additional perks like free shipping, a 365-night trial period, and a lifetime warranty.

Reviews often highlight the exceptional comfort and support of DreamCloud mattresses, which enhances sleep quality. Customers also commend the responsive customer service, emphasizing quick resolution of queries and issues. Most military families find the discount to be a thoughtful gesture, recognizing and appreciating their service.

Constructive Criticisms

Despite the positive feedback, some customers have faced issues with the application of the discount. A few report discrepancies in the discount amount or technical difficulties during the verification. Others mention delays in shipping times, impacting their overall experience.

Some users find the mattresses too firm or too soft, which can vary based on personal preference. Communication lapses between order placement and delivery have also been cited. While these instances are less common, they indicate areas where DreamCloud could improve its service to military customers.


DreamCloud’s military discount offers significant savings for service members and veterans, making high-quality mattresses more accessible. While the discount and additional perks like free shipping and a 365-night trial period are appealing, it’s essential to be aware of potential issues such as shipping delays and discount application problems. Overall customer feedback highlights the value and quality of DreamCloud mattresses, though some improvements could enhance the experience for military customers. If you’re considering a new mattress and qualify for the military discount, DreamCloud’s offerings are worth exploring.


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