Can I Wear a Bra to MEPS? Dress Code and Tips

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Wondering if you can wear a bra to MEPS? You’re not alone. The Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) can be a daunting experience, especially with the strict dress codes and procedures. Knowing what to wear can ease some of that anxiety.

Choosing the right attire for MEPS is crucial. It ensures you won’t face any unnecessary delays or complications during your medical examination. So, can you wear a bra to MEPS? Let’s jump into the specifics to help you prepare confidently.

Understanding MEPS and Its Requirements

Being prepared for MEPS helps ensure that your enlistment process goes smoothly. Understanding what MEPS is and adhering to its requirements is crucial.

What Is MEPS?

MEPS, or the Military Entrance Processing Station, serves as a gateway for individuals wishing to join the U.S. military. This facility evaluates your physical and mental suitability for military service. The process includes a medical examination, aptitude tests, and background checks to determine if you meet the necessary standards for enlistment.

General Dress Code Guidelines

MEPS enforces a strict dress code to maintain a professional environment and help medical examinations. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing without any offensive logos or graphics. For women, a bra is permissible, but, underwire bras could set off metal detectors or pose issues during medical assessments. Choose a non-underwire or sports bra to avoid potential delays. Also, avoid overly tight or revealing outfits, as modesty is important during these evaluations.

Specifics of Women’s Attire at MEPS

Dress Code for Women

The dress code at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) requires conservative, modest clothing. Women should choose attire without offensive logos and avoid tight or revealing outfits. Sports bras or non-underwire bras are advisable to prevent triggering metal detectors or causing complications during medical exams. Practical footwear, like tennis shoes, ensures comfort during the day’s activities.

Why the Dress Code Matters

The dress code at MEPS ensures every candidate presents a professional appearance and follows regulations. Non-compliant attire could delay processing and reflect poorly on one’s commitment. Wearing appropriate clothing, like a sports bra, aligns with procedural requirements and expedites your enlistment process. Proper attire also demonstrates your respect for the institution and readiness to join the military.

Addressing the Main Question: Can I Wear a Bra to MEPS?

Yes, you can wear a bra to MEPS, but it’s essential to choose the right type to ensure a smooth process during evaluations. MEPS, or the Military Entrance Processing Station, has specific guidelines for attire, including undergarments. Following these guidelines helps avoid delays and demonstrates professionalism.

Types of Acceptable Bras

Selecting the appropriate bra type for MEPS is crucial. Comfort and functionality should be your top priorities. Here are some recommended options:

  1. Sports Bras: Sports bras offer comfort and support without any metal components. They are ideal for physical activities and minimize discomfort during movements.
  2. Non-Underwire Bras: Non-underwire bras provide support without metal parts, reducing the risk of interference with medical equipment during evaluations.
  3. Seamless Bras: Seamless bras minimize visible lines under your clothing, maintaining a professional appearance.

What to Avoid

Knowing what types of bras to avoid ensures compliance with MEPS guidelines:

  1. Underwire Bras: These bras have metal wires that can interfere with medical equipment during evaluations. Opt for wire-free options instead.
  2. Decorative Bras: Avoid bras with excessive decoration, lace, or embellishments. They may be uncomfortable and unprofessional for the MEPS setting.
  3. Ill-Fitting Bras: Bras that do not fit well can cause discomfort and distractions. Ensure your bra fits properly to focus on the evaluations.

Choosing a proper bra for MEPS enhances your comfort and ensures a smoother process during the enlistment evaluations. While sports bras and non-underwire bras are recommended, avoiding underwire bras and decorative options allows you to meet MEPS guidelines and present yourself professionally. Adhering to these recommendations demonstrates respect for the enlistment process and helps help a successful evaluation.

Tips for Preparing for Your MEPS Visit

What to Bring

Packing for your Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) visit ensures you’re adequately prepared. Here’s a list of essentials:

  • Government-issued ID: Your driver’s license or passport’s necessary for identification.
  • Social Security card: Used for verification purposes.
  • Medical documents: Any relevant medical records, prescriptions, and a list of current medications.
  • Change of clothes: Comfortable civilian clothes for after the exam (consider a non-underwire bra if applicable).
  • Personal hygiene items: Basic toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.
  • Eyeglasses/contact lenses: Bring both if you wear them.

What to Expect on the Day

You’ll undergo various physical and medical evaluations during your MEPS visit:

  • Medical Examination: Evaluates your health status, including vision and hearing tests.
  • Psychological Evaluation: Includes a series of questions to assess your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Physical Fitness Test: Measures physical capability; wear appropriate, comfortable clothing.
  • Job Counseling: Discusses suitable military occupational specialties based on qualifications and interests.
  • Security Interview: Ensures you meet the security standards required for enlistment.

By understanding what to bring and expect, you can approach your MEPS visit with confidence.


Exploring MEPS can be a challenging job but choosing the right attire including your bra can make a significant difference. Opt for sports bras or non-underwire bras to ensure comfort and compliance with MEPS guidelines. Avoid underwire or decorative bras to prevent any unnecessary delays. By adhering to the dress code and being well-prepared with essential items, you can approach your MEPS visit with confidence. Remember, your attire reflects your respect for the enlistment process and can contribute to a smooth and successful evaluation.


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