Best Western Military Discount: How to Save More on Your Next Stay

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If you’re serving in the military or have retired from service, you deserve some perks for your dedication and hard work. One way to enjoy these benefits is by taking advantage of the Best Western military discount. This special offer allows you to save on accommodations at one of the world’s most well-known hotel chains.

Traveling for leisure or duty becomes much more affordable when you can stretch your budget with exclusive discounts. Best Western understands the unique needs of military personnel and their families, offering comfortable stays at reasonable prices. Ready to explore how you can maximize your savings while enjoying top-notch hospitality? Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Best Western military discount.

Understanding the Best Western Military Discount

What Is the Best Western Military Discount?

The Best Western military discount offers exclusive savings for military personnel and retirees. Available at participating locations, this discount provides a reduced nightly rate on hotel accommodations. Those eligible enjoy comfort, convenience, and quality service while traveling.

Who Qualifies for the Discount?

Active-duty members, reservists, veterans, and retirees can qualify for the Best Western military discount. You must show valid military identification at check-in. This discount also extends to family members traveling with qualifying individuals.

How to Access the Best Western Military Discount

Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming the Discount

  1. Verify Eligibility: Ensure you’re an active-duty member, reservist, veteran, or retiree. These individuals must have a valid military ID.
  2. Visit the Best Western Website: Go to the Best Western official website. Use the search bar to find locations and availability.
  3. Enter Your Information: When searching for a hotel, check the box for “Military” under the special rates section. This option appears during the booking process.
  4. Select Your Hotel: Choose a participating hotel from the search results. Make sure it displays the military rate.
  5. Complete Reservation: Fill out the required fields—name, contact info, and payment details. Confirm the military rate is applied before completing the booking.
  6. Check-In: At check-in, present your valid military ID. The rate will be confirmed, and you’ll receive your discounted rate.
  1. Military Identification: Present an active-duty, reserve, veteran, or retiree military ID at the hotel check-in. Examples include a Common Access Card (CAC) for active-duty members and a Uniformed Services ID Card for veterans and retirees.
  2. Supporting Documents: If you don’t have a government-issued military ID, present supporting documents like a DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) alongside a photo ID.
  3. Spouse/Dependent ID: Dependents and spouses must show a valid ID card specifying their dependent or spouse status. Acceptable IDs include the Uniformed Services ID and Privilege Card.

Ensure all documents are current and in good condition to avoid any complications during check-in.

Comparing Best Western’s Military Discount to Other Hotel Chains

Differentiating Features of Best Western’s Offer

Best Western provides a distinct military discount for eligible members, including active-duty personnel, reservists, veterans, and retirees. One significant feature is the “Military” option under special rates on their website, which simplifies the booking process. This option can be easily selected when searching for available hotels, ensuring transparency and ease of use.

Best Western’s discount also extends to military families, as dependents and spouses can qualify if they have valid military ID cards. Another notable aspect is the requirement to confirm eligibility with documentation such as a military ID or DD Form 214 at check-in. This ensures that the discount is exclusively available to those who genuinely qualify.

How Other Hotel Brands Compare

Several hotel brands offer military discounts, each with unique features and conditions. Below are a few popular chains and how their discounts compare to Best Western’s offer:

  • Marriott: Marriott extends a military discount to active-duty members, reservists, and veterans. Their discount often applies to leisure travel, with booking options available through their website. Marriott also offers government rates, which might be accessible to military personnel.
  • Hilton: Hilton provides a military family rate, applicable to active-duty members, veterans, and their families. This includes special rates on leisure stays. Reservations can be made online by selecting the “Military Family Rate” during the booking process. Eligibility must be confirmed at check-in with a valid military ID.
  • IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group): IHG offers a government per diem rate for military personnel on official business and discounts for leisure stays. The military leisure rate is available to active-duty members, reservists, veterans, and their dependents. Military ID verification is required at check-in to validate the rate.
  • Hyatt: Hyatt’s military discount includes special rates for active-duty personnel, veterans, and their immediate family members. Bookings can be made by choosing the “Government/Military” rate option. Proof of eligibility is required upon check-in.

Comparing these offers shows that each hotel chain has specific terms and conditions, with varying levels of availability and requirements. Best Western’s straightforward booking process, family inclusivity, and thorough verification system ensure a reliable and secure discount for eligible military members and their dependents.

Additional Benefits for Military Personnel at Best Western

Loyalty Program Perks

Best Western Rewards members who are military personnel enjoy exclusive perks. You accrue points faster through Best Western’s loyalty program. Military members receive automatic Gold status, offering bonus points on each stay. Free room upgrades and early check-in or late check-out options are additional benefits. This status ensures a comfortable and flexible stay while maximizing rewards. Points never expire, which allows you to redeem them at any time.

Seasonal or Promotional Offers

Best Western offers various seasonal and promotional packages tailored for military personnel. These can include discounted rates during holiday seasons or special promotions around military appreciation days. These offers might cover complimentary breakfasts or family packages, enhancing the overall value of your stay. Always check the Best Western website or contact customer service for the latest military-focused promotions. These limited-time deals provide extra savings and added amenities for your travels.


Best Western’s military discount offers significant savings and additional perks that make it a top choice for military personnel and their families. By verifying your status and presenting the required documents, you can unlock exclusive benefits like faster point accrual, automatic Gold status, and free room upgrades. Seasonal promotions and special offers further enhance the value of your stay, providing extra savings and amenities. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or duty, Best Western’s commitment to honoring military members ensures you receive the recognition and benefits you deserve.


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