Where to Get AFOQT Scores: A Guide for Air Force Career Planning

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So, you’ve taken the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) and now you’re eager to see how you did. Knowing where to get your AFOQT scores is crucial for planning your next steps, whether you’re aiming for a specific career path or just curious about your performance.

You might be wondering if there’s a specific portal or if you’ll receive an email notification. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll find out exactly where and how to access your AFOQT scores, ensuring you can move forward with confidence.

Understanding AFOQT Scores

Knowing your AFOQT scores is crucial whether you’re planning your career path or assessing your performance.

What Are AFOQT Scores?

AFOQT scores reflect your proficiency in various areas tested by the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. The test assesses five key domains: Verbal, Quantitative, Academic Aptitude, Pilot, and Navigator-Technical. Each domain score can impact different facets of your eligibility and career trajectory within the Air Force. For example, high scores in the Pilot and Navigator-Technical domains are vital if you’re aiming for pilot training programs.

How AFOQT Scores Are Calculated

The AFOQT scores are derived from a combination of raw scores from different test sections. The raw scores are converted to percentile scores, indicating how you performed compared to a standard reference group. For instance, a percentile score of 80 means you scored better than 80% of the reference group. The Air Force then uses these percentile scores to create composite scores for each key domain. These composite scores determine your eligibility for various training programs and roles within the Air Force.

Official Sources for AFOQT Scores

Finding your Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) scores is essential for your career planning and progression. You can access these vital scores through several official channels.

Accessing Scores Through the Air Force Portal

You can access your AFOQT scores via the Air Force Portal. It’s an online platform providing various resources and information for Air Force personnel. Log in to the portal, exploring to the “Air Force Virtual Education Center” section. There, you’ll find your scores listed under your personal academic records. This method is efficient, offering immediate access once logged in.

Contacting Your Test Administrator

Another way to get your AFOQT scores is by contacting your test administrator. The test administrator can provide detailed instructions on accessing your scores or even the scores directly. Reach out via email or phone, specifying your request and providing any necessary identification details for verification. This approach is especially useful if you’re having trouble with the online portal or need further assistance understanding your scores.

Alternative Ways to Obtain AFOQT Results

Checking With Educational Institutions

Your educational institution might have records of your AFOQT scores, especially if you took the test through them. Many universities and colleges keep test results on file for a certain period. Contact your school’s registrar or testing center to inquire about your scores. Provide your identification details and test date to simplify the search process. This method is useful if you’re unable to access scores through official Air Force channels or prefer a physical copy.

Using Third-Party Websites

Certain third-party websites might offer AFOQT score retrieval services, though caution is necessary. Verify the credibility of any site before sharing personal information. Many forums and groups discuss reliable third-party services, providing user reviews and recommendations. These websites might charge a fee for their services, so it’s crucial to read terms and conditions thoroughly. This approach is beneficial if other methods are inaccessible or if you require duplicate results.

Using AFOQT Scores for Career Advancement

AFOQT scores significantly affect your progression within the Air Force. High scores enhance your eligibility for specific career paths and specialized training programs, allowing you to aim higher in your military career.

Understanding Score Impact on Military Opportunities

AFOQT scores determine eligibility for various roles. For example, a high pilot composite score opens doors for pilot training, while an excellent navigator-technical score can lead to advanced technical positions. These scores affect both direct career opportunities and eligibility for certain programs that enhance professional growth within the Air Force.

Role Minimum Composite Score Composite Type
Pilot 25 Pilot
Navigator-Technical 10 Navigator-Technical
Academic Instructor 15 Academic Aptitude

Knowing these threshold values helps you target specific roles based on your strengths.

Strategic Decisions Based on Your Scores

Your scores guide strategic career decisions. Aim for roles that align with your highest composite scores. For instance, emphasize positions that leverage strong academic aptitude scores if you excel in the academic aptitude section. Data-backed decisions about roles and training lead to enhanced career progression.

  • Pilot Aspirants: Focus on improving the pilot composite score if you’re targeting pilot training.
  • Technical Roles: Aim for positions that require higher navigator-technical scores, benefiting from your technical expertise.
  • Academic Paths: Seek roles in academia or training that leverage strong academic composite scores.

Use your AFOQT scores to map out a clear career trajectory tailored to your strengths within the Air Force.


Accessing your AFOQT scores is vital for planning your Air Force career effectively. By understanding your scores and how they align with specific roles, you can make informed decisions that enhance your professional growth. Whether you’re aiming to become a Pilot, Navigator-Technical, or Academic Instructor, knowing your strengths can help you tailor your career path to maximize opportunities. Use your scores strategically to align with your career goals and achieve success within the Air Force.


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