UCMJ – United States Code of Military Justice


10. Punitive Articles

Any person subject to this chapter who, without proper authority–

(1) sells or otherwise disposes of;

(2) willfully ore through neglect damages, destroys, or loses; or

(3) willfully or through neglect suffers to be lost, damaged, sold, or wrongfully disposed of;

any military property of the United States, shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

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  • Cheryl Penn

    Is this offense considered a misdemeanor or a felony? We have an applicant for an insurance license and need to know

  • Natasha smith

    Does this apply to human as well. being that soldiers are the property of the government. What if while they were in pre trial confinement and was attacked and harmed and damaged while confined in a county jail.

    • PV2 Carter

      No, humans are NOT property of the government. That is a running joke in the military, but that’s all it is, a joke.

  • Vernon Gamble

    how to report a woman who steal my military records,miss use then.

  • cj

    Actually humans do count. I have used this article many times when my troops do something stupid like getting too sunburned to work or they do something that causes an injury where they are unable to work. Technically humans are property of the military.

  • Bob

    If charged with Art. 108 is not there a need to show “willful” neglect? Can this be called, “intent,” or is that an incorrect interpretation of the words, ‘willful neglect?’ Please personal reply to email provided.

    Thank you.

  • Holmes

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions below are my own free speech, and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of the US Military.

    Technically, humans are not property,that would be considered inhumane; thanks to the 13th Amendment. Hypothetically, soldiers are government property. We signed a contract to abide by rules and regulation of our military service and the UCMJ. If you do not think that You are the property of the US Military you are mistaken. A soldier cannot do what they want, when they want, with their person; therefore your freedom becomes limited (i.e. tattoos, alcohol & rugs, not snitching, cheating, keeping bad company).
    Check out a few articles below:
    -Article 115 -Article 15 -Article 32 -Article 92
    -Article 86 -Article 120 -Article 134 -Article 128
    -Article 81
    –Articles 77 through 134 of the UCMJ are known as the “punitive articles,”

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