UCMJ – United States Code of Military Justice


10. Punitive Articles

Any person subject to this chapter who is guilty of cruelty toward, or oppression or maltreatment of, any person subject to his orders shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

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  • JP

    My commander has consistently “black balled me” from my submission to the unit until present. He gave favoritism to senior ranking officers and placed me in a position two pay grades above my current one. I was told repeatedly that I would do what I was told by him because he wrote my OER and that means he would do with me as he pleased. He has used my OER as leverage to try and order me to violate MAAWS-A under CERP on two occasions.

  • JPH

    My company is punishing my platoon because we dont have an average of 80% and today i was told that because i dont have an 80 i have to limit my time that i talk to my family to 15mins. does anyone think i have something to go to IG about. Plus there is much more that has happened like being called worthless and disgusting on a daily bases by a CW4

    • FirstShirt

      Get a hold of someone ‘outside’ that broken chain they call “command”. By the sounds of it, someone (above you) is in a world of …

      • FirstShirt

        JPH; Improper ‘punishment’ article 93 is a DOOZY for you boss. please try to put it into perspective. A Warrant Officer is nothing more then a Staff Sergeant scared to death to go commission or face the gunnery sergeant board. take all warren officers for face value, there turd merchants somewhere between you and second lieutenant

    • Debra LeCompte

      I would have gone to the Army in a minute with this, because I was an Army spouse, and he certainly would have no right to punish a family member. There are some things that are by HONOR untouchable. I have no idea what the 80% was in reference to, but I know what the bottom line of his push was… his own career, and his own promotability. What a disgrace to the uniform he or she was or is. In the end we all stand before the real Commander in Chief. That is where he will get his. BTW, I came to this site today because my husband who is a retired colonel is still working to help Soldiers and their families who face injustice, so please if you are still in the military, know that there are those who honorably serve or have served.

    • Steve Lofquist

      You have a valid IG complaint since even GOD himself can not limit your family time

  • JM

    I am a reservists with “In the Line of Duty” back injury and suffering from post surgery complications and pain. My commander is going against the military physicians assessments that I am not fit for duty and will not sign the paperwork that would allow the process to begin on receiving Medical Orders so my condition can be assessed.

    He has also recommended against my physician’s recommendation to receiving incapacitation pay without providing a reason and he is required to do so.

    Because he is a Flag Officer, my supervisor and supporting offices do not want to challenge him on it. He basically is not following DODI 1241.2 and AFI 36-3004. which governs the situation. I have not been able to work now for 9 months and have gone through all my savings. I am in a very bad state of mind.

    • FirstShirt

      Simple; IG his ass. If the IG blows you off, go to media and ‘Oila!’ your problem will ‘go away’ like the general…

  • Nguyen

    so im assuming this was deployment. Violation of MAAWS and CERP involve goverment money, so depending on what you did or had you do, could possibly catch up to you later, you and him could be held in violation.

  • Big D

    JP, what is your rank, and why do you complain about filling shoes two pay grades higher than your own. You are in an enviable slot.
    My problem was quite different. I was the victim of a super behind the back attack by a general. They, the NSA, even ended the officer advance course in my career field. What can I do?

    • FirstShirt

      Complain indeed! A big billet is like a big dick; just cuz you have one doesn’t make you better.. If your working for an average (99%er) prick, he will NOT do that crap. However, if your dealing with a (1%) prick, you cannot judge that man until you spend a day IN that billet with a (1%) prick

  • Big D

    Can Barack O’Bama help me?

  • Debra LeCompte

    These complaints against obvious power mongering individuals who have risen in the ranks sicken me. Send me the names of the officers and I will make it my life’s work to see them brought to justice, not just make them do the right thing, but see them thrown out for being the self serving tyrants they are.

  • Steve Lofquist

    Always remember that “Smoking” your joes is an Article 93 violation and I correct many NCO’s from the 1st ID 1/26 Blue Spaders and the 101st on this matter

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