UCMJ – United States Code of Military Justice

810. Article 10. Restraint of Persons Charged with Offenses

02. Apprehension and Restraint

Any person subject to this chapter charged with an offense under this chapter shall be ordered into arrest or confinement, as circumstances may require; but when charged only with an offense normally tried by a summary court-martial, he shall not ordinarily be placed in confinement. When any person subject to this chapter is placed in arrest or confinement prior to trial, immediate steps shall be taken to inform him of the specific wrong of which he is accused and to try him or to dismiss the charges and release him.

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    • Kurt Gullens

      I am looking for Article 635-200 Chapter 3, so I can put together paper worker for an Appeal for an upgrade on my discharge. If there is any way to receive this information by e-mail and by mail I would high appreciate the assistance for that information.

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