UCMJ – Uniform Code of Military Justice

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) articles are all below. This website is meant to make it easy and simple to reference all UCMJ articles for members of the United States Military and Department of Defense employees. The below UCMJ articles apply to all uniformed United States military branches which includes the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, US Army, and more.

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Sub Chapter 01. General Provisions

Sub Chapter 02. Apprehension and Restraint

Sub Chapter 03 Non-Judicial Punishment

Sub Chapter 04. Court-Martial Jurisdiction

Sub Chapter 05. Composition of Courts-Martial

Sub Chapter 06. Pre-Trial Procedure

Sub Chapter 07. Trial Procedure

Sub Chapter 08. Sentences

Sub Chapter 09. Post-Trial Procedure and Review of Courts Martial

Sub Chapter 10. Punitive Articles

Sub Chapter 11. Miscellaneous Provisions

Sub Chapter 12. Court of Military Appeals

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